“Vegan Cheese + Gluten Free Bases”, are they worth the hype? ~ Review ~ Stonebaked Pizza Co., Leicester

Stonebaked Pizza Co, Leicester has been around for a while now and is well-known to most in the city. Not too long ago, they launched their gluten free pizza bases and vegan cheese options. I’m not gluten intolerant, but I am lactose intolerant. So having any kind of cheese apart from the lactose-free or vegan […]

Beloved Date Nectar – A Natural Alternative to Honey

I’ve been working hard over the past year and a half to cut down on my sugar intake. For a long time now, I’ve either reduced the amount of sugar that goes into my hot drinks, cakes and desserts, or I’ve tried to substitute the sugar with honey. During a recent shopping trip to Sainsbury’s, […]

Fun and Easy DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Halloween

With just two weeks till Halloween, I thought I best get my blog post up today as I’m already late. So, you’ve decided to throw a Halloween Party and you’re either running out of ideas or you’re looking for new, fun and creative ways to decorate your space. Whatever your dilemma, I’ve got some pumpkin […]

Bill’s Restaurant, Leicester ~ Review

A friend of mine recently celebrated her birthday and I missed her party as I was unwell. Shame really as it looked like a lot of fun from the photos I saw on Facebook. Anyway, I wanted to treat her to a meal and where we ate was entirely up to her. I let her […]

The Organic Experience, Leicester

I’ve been a regular at Craig and Nate’s salons in Leicester for about four years now. And it’s no surprise to me that I used to travel from London to Leicester to get my hair done at theirs. And then to the disappointment of all their clients, they moved to Birmingham for a short while. But now, […]

Mission Burrito Launch – Highcross, Leicester

Yesterday, June 23, 2015 Mission Burrito gave away 500 Free Burritos to celebrate their launch in Leicester’s famous Highcross Shopping Centre. The giveaway was from 12pm to 3pm. Being the foodie that I am, how could I resist! Besides, would you really resist the temptation of a free burrito? I didn’t think so too. So […]

9Bar – A healthy, satisfying and wholesome snack: find out why…

Rushed for work everyday with no time for breakfast? OR Looking for something to snack on in between meals? OR Do you just love to eat? Whatever your reason it doesn’t matter, as long as what you eat is not harming you. It’s so easy to just pop into a store and pick up a […]